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Everything you need to know!!


Claim $10 Free Just By Signing Up

CLICK HERE to sign up and participate in our live online auctions. You will need to fill out the form on the next page to get to the final signup page and receive your $10 credit. Remember in order to bid or enter giveaways you will have to input your payment and shipping info.


Bookmark Shows & Place Pre Bids

Once you have finished signing up and download the app you will be able to search us by opening the app and hitting the "Browse" icon at the bottom middle of your phone screen. Search for "TreasureChestDMV", then hit "shows". You will be able to click on the show that interests you and once you do you will be taken to a screen that shows a countdown to when the show starts. Once on this screen you will see a "Store" icon located at the bottom right of the screen. Click the store icon and then click "Auction" and you will be able to see the upcoming items for that specific live auction show. Once on this page, you can hit "Place Bid" on the item you like and place a pre bid just incase you miss the auction so you still have a chance at winning. 


Tune Into The Live Auction Show, Bid, & Win!

When its showtime you will get a notification on your phone that "TreasureChestDMV is live" you can click that and it will take you directly to the show. You can also hit the "Browse" button within the app, search "TreasureChestDMV", click on "Shows" and then click on the first show you see on our profile. Welcome to the auction!

To bid you will see a yellow bar at the bottom right of the auction screen, Swipe it right to place a bid once the item you want is running. Clicking the bid button will do nothing, but swiping it right will register your bid. Don't sleep because each item only runs for 30 seconds! Also please make sure your payment and shipping info is updated or you will not be able to bid and may miss out on your item. Good Luck!


Receive Your Delivery

All items won in auction are guaranteed to arrive in the condition we auctioned them in and described live. You will be automatically charged after the item is won and the item will be shipped out to you next day. Normally you will receive your item in 1-3 business days but sometimes postal delays can extend this time. Keep an eye on your email for shipping updates and tracking info after the auction. 

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