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  • Can we pickup items won in auction and avoid shipping fees??
    At this time we are unable to accept pickups however we are working on it. Please Subscribe at the bottom of the page to be notified once we make this feature available.
  • Do we only sell used and returned items?
    We sell brand new overstock, brand new & used box damaged, and both brand new and used open box or returned items. The majority of what we sell is brand new and we will always disclose if something is not new or damaged.
  • Can i just buy an auction item outright?
    We do not sell items outside of the live auction show if the items is already listed in an auction. You can visit our retail store "Treasure Chest - Hunt & Save" located in Dumfries, VA and purchase items directly from there and still save 40%-90% off retail.
  • Can you cancel an item or bid you win in auction?
    We do not accept bid cancellations!! Please bid responsibly!!
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